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View a table of the emojis you and your friend use the most in a conversation.


Find out who keeps starting the conversations. You might be slacking, initiate more!

Texting activity

Want to know the peak time at which you and your friend text the most? The least? Our activity charts will show just that. Maybe you only text on weekends, or only after 5pm every day?

Love analysis

Who said those three magic words (I love you) first? What about who says it most often? See if the statistics say something about your relationship!

Swear face
Swear words

Do you have a sailor mouth? The most popular swear words between you and your friend are displayed.

Media analysis

By design, we won't be able to see your images or videos, but we will be able to run reports on the amount of media sent between you and your contacts. Find out who's sending the most pictures!

Plus way more

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Testimonial Avatar
Aaron Zolonak
Fan of iOS Texts

I found out that I was texting my girlfriend way more than she was texting me. The app showed me that I was initiating conversations twice as much as she was. Well I've made some changes to our relationship, thanks to iOS Texts!

Testimonial Avatar
Russell Ratcliffe
High school student

I never knew my favorite emoji was the monkey face when texting my girlfriend. This changes everything.

Testimonial Avatar
Steven Bates
CEO at Deephire

Well, suffice to say I no longer text my coworkers between 10pm and midnight when I need something important. It's clear from the graphs that the best time to ask them questions is at 4pm!


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